TOREADOR DUE from Sunflower Collection

acrylic painting on canvas with bullfighter ring poster as vase holding sunflowersTOREADOR DUE  from  Sunflower Collection. If one Bullfighter Painting is good, then the second is even better. Primarily I used the TOREADOR  UNO painting for the techniques of the canvas and drawing on the design of number two.  Of course, the second design differs in that sunflowers are TWO brightening the canvas with golden gusto! The centers are breathtaking purple and browns. Yeah, what excitement this acrylic painting screams. I am truly envious of the person who purchases this  10 x 10 canvas TOREADOR DUE!  And perhaps that person would find space for the bullfighter pair.
TOREADOR DUE. original on canvas …$80.oo   Giclee…….$45.oo          Cards….   $3.oo each  or 4/$10.oo

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2 Responses to TOREADOR DUE from Sunflower Collection

  1. Linda Moore says:

    Beautiful use of color, Shirley. I’m a friend of Cindy and a Mary Kay girl

  2. Angela Davis-Whitbeck says:

    Sunflowers are absolutely my favorite flowers and yours are beautiful, especially with the accent of the gorgeous purple accents. Sunflowers always remind me of smiles. They are so bright and cheery. They remind me of your lovely daughter, Cindy. When we first met in Dallas at Seminar 1998, I felt as though I had known her forever. I appreciate her for sharing your talent with me. I hope to see more in the future.

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