A Birthday Painting Request by my Youngest  Granddaughter, Mikayla Coyier, challenged my painting ability.
Mikayla has loved dogs all her 22 years and now loves her room-mate,  Gus, the most of any animal.  She emailed me near her birthday asking if  I would PAINT GUS?  Well what could a grandmother say?  Of course, the technical point here is, I’ve never painted any kind of animal in my 8 years, since I picked up a paint brush.

Gus the Dog

Mikayla’s mother and my daughter, Marcia Moore, took many photos of the dog in question – giving me some choices, for my   canine masterpiece.

Sketch of GusI got busy enlarging my email photo of our pooch.  I squared off the photograph and followed the intervals  while penciling-in the various  body parts of the dog. Not having much experience with oil paint, I decided to give it a try anyway as I wanted to see how luxurious the fur could portray.  I consulted with my painting mentor, Kathy Decker, and her comment was “just paint what you see on the photograph, like everything else”.  Well dauuuuh, okay.  So all I can say is that is what I did, stroke after stroke…and I was surprised,  GUS really looks like GUS!  I did use acrylic paint to do the background as I made the blue color muted and  that I knew how to spread  around.

Gus the Dog freshly painted

GUS, All American Canine , freshly painted off my Easel.

Shitley Mannocci, Granddaughter Mijayla Coyier and a painting of Gus

Myself the painter, Shirley Mannocci,my beautiful granddaughter Mikayla Coyier, smiling happily about her doggie painting.

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3 Responses to MIKAYLA’S DOG GUS

  1. Annette Park says:

    Shirley, I love it. I particularly like the way you told the story, showed the photo, told us of your plan, and then the painting. You certainly captured him!! I’m sure your beautiful granddaughter will treasure it for ever.
    You are such a wonderful artist, I think you could paint anything.
    Remember you CAN teach old dogs!!!
    Love you, Annette

  2. Annette Park says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Hi Shirley,
    Thanks for visiting my blog & getting in touch. I’ll bet your granddaughter was thrilled to receive such a beautiful, loving gift! I’m so pleased that you joined the ‘hop.’ I hope you will visit my blog again 🙂

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