This is the theme of my blog as I am painting my SUNSHINE STARLETS.  I will carry you (my readers) along as I develop my paintings from idea inspiration thru sketches, choosing color palette, hair style and fashions determined by the femininity of my Starlet model.  Also amid all the painting process skin colors and make-up for eyes are chosen amazingly with the modern ideas in mind.



Where oh where, do I start from here? I have decided to head in a different direction with my brushing strokes. Ladies , beautiful ladies, they are filling my head with ideas and many mixed media techniques.



I seem to find on-line courses Internationally and from the East Coast to West Coast of America. These classes with intriguing instructors are very popular to learn fascinating new painting styles.

My first on-line painting venture is with Australian Jane Davenport. I am so pleased and excited about the tremendous artistic knowledge I’ve gained since becoming Jane’s student, or “Davenpeep”. Hundreds of people (mostly women) flock to fill the Aussie classes as soon as announced. I started with ‘ Draw Happy’, ‘ Supplies Me’, then proceeded to ‘Beautiful Faces’ -which follows along with Jane’s informative book. Several more video courses help solve your beautiful ladies faces painting mixed media information buckets. Jane Davenport is such fun and enthusiastic as she promotes jane-davenporther lessons and “mod” ideas. It is such a joy to see Jane D. smiling broadly at you, as you open your computer to brush on your next lady.


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