At times, all painters feel they are not valid artists.  Then you receive a beautiful testament from a well established colleague and your creative self esteem rises to the moon.

Carol Rischer

Carol Rischer

Below is a message I received recently from a high school friend, who is also an artist.

“Shirley, I LOVE the paintings on your website!! I am so glad you shared it with me! My husband, who is also very artistic and is into creating digital art, looked at your paintings, with me, and thinks they are wonderful. I found your style inspiring. I trap myself with realism. Like you, I love bright colors and a bit of whimsy, but feel very insecure breaking away from what I see. And, of course with portraits, most people are looking for a meticulous likeness. Seeing what you do makes me want to give a little more freedom a try!

Having been a psychotherapist, and pretty astute about the hidden aspects of people, I found it fascinating to see how much information I could glean about some of my fellow artists, (and myself, to tell you the truth), by studying their paintings. Based on your paintings, I would say you are highly creative, colorful, not entirely realistic, have a wonderful imagination, bright, enthusiastic, fun to be with, have a tendency to create your own reality, have a purity of soul, others are attracted to you because of the beauty of who you are and how they feel in your presence, you are full of light and love. Would it be true that you hide a lot of your own inner reality behind a pretend world and mask of beauty?

When I painted the portrait of myself looking through the magnifying mirror, I did not realize I would reveal so much about myself, to myself, as I analyzed it. Kind of a fun exercise. I hope you don’t take offense at my “reading” of you, dear friend. 😊

Love, love, love your work!!!

Carol Rischer


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