raimie-draftMy Turned Face

My first drawing after Jane Davenport’s art techniques on-line ‘Draw Happy’ classes of the turned face. I also checked Elle Magazine for photos of fashion models and portrayed my lady a little bit after one that spoke to me.




shirley-san-franThis is my idea for a painting. I was visiting San Francisco high atop Telegraph Hill with The City in the background and a major tree showing its power, of course, by observing my age and hairdo,  it is obvious that this taken a few years ago.



I used a stencil of a city for my background effect and then I drafted the tree trunk with overhanging branches. Next I painted the background of entire painting light blue as if the skyline. Then after tracing my lady figure on my canvas, I textured the hedge using Liquitex Matte Gel to depict a row of tightly grown shrubbery as shown in my picture above.



I traced my figure drawing onto a Fredericks Canvas, I extended the neck of my fashion as I always like long necks on my ladies. I used watercolor paint , as well as mixed-media, so Fredericks is the only brand that worked for me.


P..S. Note the masking tape held my tissue together while tracing.


Continuing to track San Fran Lady from basic sketches learned in Jane Davenport “Draw Happy” course all the way through sophisticated lady in “Supplies Me” course.









It is very exciting when you begin to paint with mixed-media colors.  Using Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint for the foundation on faces and brighter colors to finish.  Her hair is always a challenge but between watercolors, acrylics and collaging you come up with dynamic results.  Check out the butterflies collage and hair piece brilliance due to our mixed-media combinations.  Then don’t forget those compelling green eyes created using Prismacolor pencils.

raimie-draft-2On our Way Again!

After the Liquitex shrubbry texture dries, its time to add Daniel Smith Serpentine Genuine watercolor paint. Now I paint the city with Daniel Smith silver colored highlights. Of course, the windows showup well when they are outlined with dark grey under the silver.

This instance is scary…it’s the FACE……..using Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic ( Santas flesh) to paint the entire face and neck, and arms, if they apply. Then with light colored pencil, denote the shadow parts of the face and body. Afterwards apply Ceramcoat (Latte) paint to those Lady’s shadow areas. Be sure to use Winsor & Newton Masking Fluid on the hair of our sketch in areas that you wish to keep white.



The gigantic tree is blazing its way through the background of the San Francisco smog.   Ladies in hats and umbrellas struggle to keep their balance while I paint on San Fran Lady to complete my website.  Now I’m so enamored with my project that I can barely imagine how I can concentrate on paint colors or textures.  However, the Daniel Smith Dark Brown and Sienna seem to tangle themselves through the spots of sunshine looming through the tree branches. A job well done seems to plant itself on my  tree structures.



On this following edition of our San Fran Lady,   I struggle to find the hair highlights.  But as I do, her dark hair is finessely arranged with my paint, (three separate colors of blue) making their appearance in the painting. Her paint selections for the remaining make up are chosen for the shadows produced on her face.


HER EYES show up in grandeur style as I announce the use of dark blue and even some black paint intertwined with the white stripes.  Dark red lip stick is definitely an asset for this brunette.  I always like to know if my escort is wearing warm or cool colors so that I can coordinate my appearance for the date.



My next attempt at following  the approach  to painting this  lovely lady in our City by the Bay, is to imitate the tree flowers.  So I got out the white gesso and mixed it with some dark pink acrylic paint and Voilà!  PINK FLOWER COLORED PAINT PETALS.




The completion of this orchestrated painting is with placement of the white reflection dot in her eyes, the super eye lashes, excellent portrayal of the CITY in the background and memorable visit to Telegraph Hill.

Then we must frame our SAN FRAN LADY.  An in-depth study of painting techniques.




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