“TOREADOR UNO” – from Sunflower Collection

Janice Glennaway

When I  located  five  vintage Bullfighter Show Posters from Spain  I was immediately prompted  to make use of them. Having attended a major bullfight in Mexico City some years ago memories churned in my brain.  I decided to  design and paint a couple trendy vase pictures of sunflowers.
My choice of  canvas was  a square 12×12  and using both full bodied  and fluid acrylics .  I first under – painted  the canvas with  an orangey-burnt sienna  color to break the intense glaring white of the gessoed  substrate.
After drying I drew a loose sketch  of my design using a light colored
charcoal  to insure easy brush-off if mistakes appeared.
My vase shape , being the prime consideration of the design, was depicted from the body of the poster.  The background color of poster is light so my
evident choice for my Sunflower is also light with graduated gold and orange, and toasty sienna petals.  I chose manganese blue to electrify the golden seeds in center of sunflower which shows off the graduated dark browns.
My first  application  was to use  gel medium  colorful self hand painted tissue paper for the  triangle shaped floor ,which depicts  a room corner. The leaves are colorful using shades of greens and bursts of copper and gold. After considering  the  left over space, I  double loaded my brush  with added touches of blue and white  to make the appearance of a lusty verbena stem.  I heavily applied very dark phalo blue for the background which immediately popped out the brilliant sunflower composition.
I applied masking tape to all four 1 1/2″ sides of the  canvas  to insure straight lines for application of dark, dark brown acyrlic  paint .  This finishes  the painting without framing. I nailed on a piece of light plywood to back and added wire for hanging.
After completely drying, I brushed on two coats of Minwax Polyacrylic. Then I sprayed two coats of sealer to bring out the luscious acrylic colors and to protect the  painting from damage.

Giclee ..  $45.oo    Cards available. &3.ooea/4for $10.

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