Meeting Jane Davenport in Seattle



Jane wins her in person students with a smile and a portfolio of new and exciting Daniel Smith watercolor techniques.

I learned enough valuable information to fill my bucket list for many a year.






With my painting of Mariantonietta you can see that I learned to draw and paint faces and pile hair high.  I also captured the essence of our historical lady by using napkins collaged in her hair and background. If you look closely you might see the Paris Eiffel Tower and maybe a bicycle with flowers in its basket?




I have a deep desire to learn all I can from Jane to pass it on to my 2 year old great granddaughter, Aria Rae.  While I am teaching Aria Rae I would like to share my passion for art with other young people.


aria-painting-finalI am always excited when Aria comes to paint with me and I usually learn many helpful art expressions myself.  And some that will be passed on many years after I am gone.



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