QUEEN OF THE OPERA – from Sunflower Collection

from the sunflower collectionColour Is Fun, Colour Is Just Gorgeous, A Gourmet Meal For The Eye, The Window Of The Soul.”
Rachel Wolf

This large 16×20 acrylic painting is on a stately black background.  The unusual vase is carved out of beautiful grey, black and gold striped collaged paper. The table area is depicted with another lovely  black and gold paper. Sliced in half,  a pomegrante is nestled in a floral fantasy of brilliante sun kissed sunflowers.  The major golden flower sports an  opaque brown and gold center with complementary manganese  blue, shouts an Hello!
This painting is full of texture and exciting warm colours. The leaves familiarize the total effect with surprisingly hot pink floral dashes  here and there  making our sunflower bouquet a total winner.  The dark poster board substrate was primed with black gesso making texture rampant.
Brightening your wall with  this flamboyant colorful painting  will bring you hours and years  of happiness.

QUEEN OF THE OPERA……framed $180.oo
from Sunflower Collection
Giclee…. $135.oo.
Cards….$3.ooea  /4for$10.oo

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