Workshop & Education

Watercolor Seminar by Karlyn Holman

March 2006 at Whidby Island, Washington


Karlyn Holman

modern composition

Spheres Apart

artichokes in bloom

Artichoke Heaven

This was my first art workshop with a nationally known artist away from my home in Salem, Oregon.  My introduction to Karlyn was thru a Library book that she had written, WATERCOLOR FUN & FREE.  I enjoyed her book so much that I looked in Artists Magazine where she had her workshop listed.  I learned many techniques and ideas she demonstrates in

pomegranates in bright colors

Neon Pomegranates

her book and DVD.  She paints realistically to impressionism and abstracts.  My painting confidence grew enormously as you see, and I would recommend her many books and DVDs with enthusiasm.

Frank Francese offers Fast & Loose Watercolor Class


Frank Francese


Shirley Rae Mannocci

Back at Whidby Island in 2010, I learned to paint scenes… the Frank Francese way.  He focuses on painting, nature scenes, figures, automobiles and city . Frank helps his artist students to have fun by “….taking a chance and taking charge” in the process of painting with watercolor.  He says,” just jump right in.”






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