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Shirley Rae Mannocci

Shirley Rae Mannocci

“Color is a power that directly influences my soul” (Karinksy).   

Color in Art,  as well as everything around me,  continues to guide me in the pursuit of richness and creativeness. 

For me, Shirley Rae Mannocci, Art is a way to see beyond my pain and also a vision of what others see in the world.    I have to be at peace everywhere I look…I see paintings in the colorful exquisite flowers, the expansive ever changing sky, the seasonal tree foliage, the inspirational fabrics, stylish as well as absurd clothes, many colors of skin,  animal fur and bright bird plumage, and the list goes on.

I am a late bloomer into the art world.   As a teenager I confided in my mother that I planned to be a fashion designer and illustrator.  At which she vehemently replied that was absolutely impossible as I could not draw at all.  Wow!  I was so hurt, and of course, I believed her.  And I did not paint until 2005 when I was in my late 60s.  Because of very painful crippling arthritis, I had to give up my Dress Designing Business.  My Dream of fashion success was burst.

But then about six years ago I heard a voice in my head that said, “Paint flowers, Paint flowers”. After many dismissals I took heed, even though my mother had told me I couldn’t possibly draw, and found a workshop in watercolor.  My first class found me “in Love” with the whole arena (even though I couldn’t sketch an apple) but by following my motto:  Leap and the Net will appear!  I was soon painting up a storm.  Little by little, class by class and many books and DVDs and so much practice, I am really a painter.  I’ve always been creative, however sewing was my venue.  I want to be an example for others who need a therapy as art to make their life richer also.

I like to put people in my sketches and even had my husband pose for me as sweeping in a courtyard.  Also flowers with bright, bright colors as in sparkling sunflowers and fanciful red poppies, when traveling and cruising photography captures many inspirational subjects to add excitement to my easel.  In my paintings I bring feeling and passion as well as vivid color to the world.

Recently I was invited to show my paintings in an Italian art show.  This proves that the statement that governs my life, “A Dream is a wish that your heart makes…and I do Dream Big”, has validity. I have studied the greatest painters of the world and to be considered an artist worthy to be on display in San Sepolcro is miraculous.  And as a super bonus from God, while I paint I don’t hurt much, as my mind is thinking of my many artistic creations.

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