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Exhibited at the San Sepolcro Art Show - Tuscany, ItalyShirley was invited by the Artists Guild of Sansepolcro (Arezzo) to exhibit six of her paintings at the annual Christmas Art Show held in Sansepolcro(Tuscany), home town of Piero della Francesca. from December 24th until January 6th 2013.

Shirley was honored to be the only American artist whose works were shown.  She received many accolades for her paintings.  One of those paintings, seen to the left, Nonno e Nipote (Grandfather and Grandson), is part of a second exhibit.  It is hanging in Pieve Santo Stefano in Sansepolcro till February 15th.

Here is a translated extract from an article in the Italian Press covering the Exhibition,

“….Particularly noteworthy, the participation of some foreign artists, among whom are French artist Martine Minai-Denis and the American Shirley Rae Mannocci from Salem, Oregon.  “Primarily I see a difference between the time when she holds a palette brush in her hand and when she is doing something else.  I see two different women ”said Carlo Mannocci, of the Office of the Presidencey of the Directing Committee for the World Tuscan Assembly   speaking of his wifeRae, who participates with several paintings to the Exhibition.

“Her passion for painting makes her forget the flow of time and has given her the joy of being creative, and in the small hours of the night Rae paints outside of time.  When she feels the inspiration, she drops everything else and starts painting.  It is also a therapeutic experience for her, and during her creative activity any discomfort  in the background. She has made great progress.  Between one painting and the next, it is as if there had been 50 in-between.  Her painting maturity has displayed itself with amazing speed.

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Sansepolcro Art Show



The United States pay homage to the Beatles“All You Need is Paint”

In addition to showing my art in Sansepolcro, Tuscany, I was also invited to be the only American painter in the Rock Band, Beatles 50th Anniversary touring show in December 2012.  The exhibition of more than 57 paintings started in northern Italy and will make many more stops across the country with a possibility of some in England and the United States.

I was very excited at the prospects of representing America in this unusual art endeavor.  I pulled out a photograph that my son, Steven Frost had taken, of the

Seattle Pikes Public Market that depicted Abbey Road in London. The photo was taken in Seattle, Washington and showed a man walking on the painted driving dividers which I used for the four singing young men.  Certainly my imagination caught fire as I recalled the London Balladsmen when I was a young mother in the late 60s.  I experienced some difficulty preparing the unprimed canvas but it was a great learning gratification.


the italians admire my abstract paintings

A painting imagined from withinmy little ballerina flower girl


River Gallery 12th Annual Wild Women Show

January 22 – March 2013 in Independence, Oregon

My painting, SHOE MANIAC’S DREAM was a popular exhibit at the well attended show

Shoemanian Dream





wild women 2013


Westminster Presbyterian Juried Art Show October 2012 in Salem, Oregon



Shirley Rae at Independence Showis is my fourth year as an exhibitor in this Art Show.  I showcased my new acrylic Sunflower Collection in 2012.  I have 25 new paintings, some on canvas and others with mats and a few framed.   I created lovely cards of each bright sunflower design which are for sale.   Join us in 2013 in Salem, Oregon to find many treasures.


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  1. Marilyn Pool says:

    Good Job Shirley! I hope you get many hits.!!!!

  2. Cheryl Quist says:

    Wow Shirley, great encouragement to see your website up. It’s “on my list”… I suppose I’d better get working on that! :-). Beautiful flowers!

  3. Sheila and David Huff says:

    We love Shirley’s work! We have one of her paintings and one of her prints in our house and they just brighten the space!

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