QUEEN OF THE OPERA – from Sunflower Collection

from the sunflower collectionColour Is Fun, Colour Is Just Gorgeous, A Gourmet Meal For The Eye, The Window Of The Soul.”
Rachel Wolf

This large 16×20 acrylic painting is on a stately black background.  The unusual vase is carved out of beautiful grey, black and gold striped collaged paper. The table area is depicted with another lovely  black and gold paper. Sliced in half,  a pomegrante is nestled in a floral fantasy of brilliante sun kissed sunflowers.  Continue reading

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“TOREADOR UNO” – from Sunflower Collection

Janice Glennaway

When I  located  five  vintage Bullfighter Show Posters from Spain  I was immediately prompted  to make use of them. Having attended a major bullfight in Mexico City some years ago memories churned in my brain.  I decided to  design and paint a couple trendy vase pictures of sunflowers.
My choice of  canvas was  a square 12×12  and using both full bodied  and fluid acrylics .  I first under – painted  the canvas with  an orangey-burnt sienna  color to break the intense glaring white of the gessoed  substrate.
After drying I drew a loose sketch  of my design using a light colored
charcoal  to insure easy brush-off if mistakes appeared.
My vase shape , being the prime consideration of the design, Continue reading

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PRIMA DONNA – from Sunflower Collection

I dream my painting and I paint my dreamI cannot pretend to be impartial about the colors. I rejoice well the
 brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.
(Winston Churchill)

I photographed this sunflower in a bouquet that my husband Carlo purchased
 at the local farmer’s market.  I drew it on 300# Arches watercolor paper
 with a pencil.  By using vibrant warm acrylic colors, starting with lemon-
yellow advancing thru cadmium  orange to vermillion red on the petals and 
emphasizing the base of petal with quick brush-stroke full of alizirin
 crimson.  The extreme center is set with aluminum foil
 painted over by manganese blue hue to accent the fox gloves  flowers in the
 upper portion of the painting. Bright hanza yellow emphasizes the presence of multiple
 seeds to reproduce this sunflower beauty.  A touch of rust and a ring of
very dark brown completes  a gorgeous sunflower center.  The stems  and
foliage please our eyes with luscious yellow green.
I chose this PRIMA Donna Sunflower painting to be the logo of my art.  It really 
exemplifies the beauty and  technique skills that I hopefully demonstrate.

PRIMA Donna Sunflower  8 x 10 Acrylic – NOT FOR SALE
Giglees  available.
Cards, $3.00/ea – (4) for $10.00
Please contact info@mannoccinspiritart.com


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